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Title: Real People behind this Site!
Author: Admin
Date: 07/12/17 08:11:49

There are real people behind this site for you to utilize in your career's journey.

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Title: Records In Your Best Friend's Room June 1, 2017
Author: admin
Date: 06/28/17 10:02:15

Records in your best friend"d room was quite a success! The guest list included some of the Pioneers of Rock N' Roll and a special guest list of dedicated music lovers. All were...

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Title: "Records in your best friend's room" is coming!
Author: Admin
Date: 03/23/17 08:08:52

Everyone has the experience of being turned on to music in their best friend's room. 

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Title: City Lights Celebrates 25 Tears!
Author: admin
Date: 09/03/16 10:15:32

Go to youtube and put in the following link to see our studio!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLJf-ViYblY

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Title: Welcome to 1299onthehighway.com
Author: Admin
Date: 02/25/15 16:49:04

Welcome to 1299onthehighway.com. 

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