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Real People behind this Site!
Member: admin | Posted:07/12/17 13:11:49 Tag:
admin Real People behind this Site!

There are real people behind this site for you to utilize in your career's journey.

1299onthehighway is 1299 on hwy 33 in Farmingdale, NJ. Call to make an appointment to see how we can guide you in making the best decisions on the road to success. Our direct phone number is (732)938-4565, and it has been for years. This number is the number that the industry's finest call every year to see what's happening on the Jersey shore. We have our finger on the pulse. You will see why, when you get here. So don't hesitate! Pick up the phone and become a part of 1299's success.

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"Records in your best friend's room" is coming!
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Everyone has the experience of being turned on to music in their best friend's room. 

With the resurgence of the record album on vinyl, 1299onthehighway.com is having a get together to celebrate the great music that started on vinyl, made the transition to digital cd, and then made it back. The guests on this evening are a wide variety of music biz professionals celebrating the rebirth of the new music business at one of the greatest places in Jersey to be seen listening to music...City Lights Recording Studio. This event will happen four times a year, come rain or come shine... networking at it's finest!!! Call (732) 938-4565 for details.


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City Lights Celebrates 25 Tears!
Member: (admin) | Posted: 09/03/16 15:15:32 | Tag:
admin City Lights Celebrates 25 Tears!                   Go to youtube and put in the following link to see our studio!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLJf-ViYblY

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Welcome to 1299onthehighway.com
Member: admin | Posted:02/25/15 21:49:04 Tag:
admin Welcome to 1299onthehighway.com

Welcome to 1299onthehighway.com. 

   We hope you like the music that you hear on our site. It is brought to you by New Jersey's City Lights Recording Studio, a part of the 1299 family. Our music is sold in our store at this site, and on the artist stores. After you click on store at the top of the home page, click on the digital store and the latest tracks will be there for you to choose. Keep in mind we are under construction, but we are always at our phone if you would like to get in touch, or mayby need us to help you with something. If you find a problem while you are browsing, we would like to know about it.

   Also, If you would like to be part of the 1299 family of artists, and would like to enjoy the benefits of doing so, or think your project would compliment our brand, we are available by phone at (732)938-4565 to see how we could help you any time of the day or night. If we don't answer, leave a message. We will surely get back to you.

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Records In Your Best Friend's Room June 1, 2017
Member: (admin) | Posted: 06/28/17 15:02:15 | Tag: RIYBFR
admin Records In Your Best Friend's Room June 1, 2017 Records in your best friend"d room was quite a success! The guest list included some of the Pioneers of Rock N' Roll and a special guest list of dedicated music lovers. All were quite entertained with the night's music selection. That was the most important thing to us here at 1299! That is because we are AL ABOUT THE MUSIC! Nothing else matters to us. Great music can make good times better. That's a fact.

The night started off with a bang with the arrival of great guests. Some knew each other, and when the conversation continued after 50 years..... The Stories came out. It was an entertaining evening all the way around.
   Records in your best friend's room hour 2 was premiered, and if you can, check it out on this page. You will in essence be hearing what everyone there heard the  that night, and Danny Mckeown was a great guest.     
   The outdoor Barbecue was hosted by two fine chefs.... Teah Evans and Lisa. The pasta dish I am still getting calls on. Nothing like great food and good company as the night continued with Billy J. Brown and Joey Evens taking the mic for a few songs, along with some of the guys from Hit The Ground Runnin'.
    In the audience were Rock n Roll hall of fame inductee, Lloyd Price, along with the lovely and talented Dee Dee Sharp. Someone said that is is not often that you get to play for Icons. I agree!  Every one who attended is asking for when the next RECORDS IN YOUR BEST FRIEND'S ROOM is happening! The first one was a blast. So check it out! It is Records In Your Best Friend's Room Hour 2.
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