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Records In Your Best Friend's Room June 1, 2017

Posted: 06/28/17 15:02:15 | Member: (admin) | Tag: RIYBFR
Records In Your Best Friend's Room June 1, 2017 Records in your best friend"d room was quite a success! The guest list included some of the Pioneers of Rock N' Roll and a special guest list of dedicated music lovers. All were quite entertained with the night's music selection. That was the most important thing to us here at 1299! That is because we are AL ABOUT THE MUSIC! Nothing else matters to us. Great music can make good times better. That's a fact.

The night started off with a bang with the arrival of great guests. Some knew each other, and when the conversation continued after 50 years..... The Stories came out. It was an entertaining evening all the way around.
   Records in your best friend's room hour 2 was premiered, and if you can, check it out on this page. You will in essence be hearing what everyone there heard the  that night, and Danny Mckeown was a great guest.     
   The outdoor Barbecue was hosted by two fine chefs.... Teah Evans and Lisa. The pasta dish I am still getting calls on. Nothing like great food and good company as the night continued with Billy J. Brown and Joey Evens taking the mic for a few songs, along with some of the guys from Hit The Ground Runnin'.
    In the audience were Rock n Roll hall of fame inductee, Lloyd Price, along with the lovely and talented Dee Dee Sharp. Someone said that is is not often that you get to play for Icons. I agree!  Every one who attended is asking for when the next RECORDS IN YOUR BEST FRIEND'S ROOM is happening! The first one was a blast. So check it out! It is Records In Your Best Friend's Room Hour 2.
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